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This webpage contains pages 1-8 of the 15-page transcript of Kiczenski's hearing in front of a federal judge. The purpose was for the judge to hear arguments as to Kiczenski's standing to bring an action against the government.

Pages 9-15

More on Kiczenski v Ashcroft

Ron Kiczenski vs
  the US Attorney General, the Drug Enforcement Agency Director, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Homeland Security, the Secretary of the Interior, and any other Executive Branch administrators of Federal Law regarding cannabis.
NOTE: Reference is made to "Reich" in this transcript. That actually refers to "Raich v Ashcroft", the medical cannabis case that was argued in front of the US Supreme Court in October 2004, and on which the Supremes delivered an opinion, stating that it's just fine for the feds to torture Californians in spite of California law. Learn more about Raich v Ashcroft here.
Below: US Attorney Gisla says Kiczenski has no standing, because there's no reason to think the DEA would arrest and prosecute him for breaking the law. Judge Hollows replies, "So, he has to wait to get hit on the head before he can ask for declatory relief?"
Pages 1-8 (scroll down)
Pages 9-15 

Pages 1-8 (above)
Pages 9-15


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