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rocks the Lakota hempcrete, 2nd session

        Lime render over Hemcrete®

John from American Limetec returned on May 28, 2008. We had finished building the walls to the White Plume Community Center on May 19.

He spent a day teaching us how to mix and apply lime plaster (also called "render"). A few of us spent two more days helping Alex plaster the building. The pictures here were shot May 28-30, 2008.

Lakota Hempcrete Project
May 28 2008

John from American Limetec 
applies the first patch of the 
first coat of lime plaster to the
White Plume Community Center.

Learn more about these products
at American Limetec.

Tazia and Amy plant squash and
marigolds just out the back door 
of the Center.

John shows Page how to trowel

Tools of the trade.

Near right:
John works with Alex and Page.

Far right:
Alex delivers a dollop of render
to Erica, who's plastering under
the eaves. 

Far right and below:
The "sand layer" effect we saw
as we took down forms during the 
wall-building phase of the project
are even more pronounced after 
the Hemcrete® has cured for a week.

Far right: Lime plaster covers part of 
the wall

Render rounds the corner.

Far right:
U.S. District Judge Richard Battey
(Rapid City SD) makes an 

End of May, nose-fly season. The
tormented horses try to escape by
standing on a wind-swept ridge.

Far right: The White Plume wind
turbine stands just beyond the 

Near right: Looking east from a hilltop
about a quarter mile from the Center.
The Center is in the center of the

Far right: A closer view of the Center.

Alex and Erica switch roles as they 
finish a wheelbarrow load.

John showed us how to create a 
decorative sill around a window
using render and pebbles.


We returned on June 24 and nearly finished the plastering of the community center.

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