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rocks the Lakota hempcrete, contd.

          High-lime binder to make Hemcrete®

This is page 3 of pages 1 and 2 of photos of this phase of the project. Go here to see the second phase.

Jeremy's photos

Lakota Hempcrete Project
May 18-19 2008 

Andrew builds forms for the last section
of wall.

Far right: After being filled and tamped, the 
form is removed after curing at least an hour.

Posh fills and tamps the most labor-
intensive part--the top 10 inches.

Placing chipboard over the mesh; then, 
more food.

We used hempshive bags as scaffold

The walls become visible.

Far right: Steven directs shovelful of 
Hemcrete® at a small target.

Near right: Kim fills and tamps.

Far right: Steven tosses another shovel-
ful of 'crete at Jacquie and Adena's 
working spaces.

Andrew tries to keep forms built ahead 
of the fill.

When the forms were removed, the walls
had some "give". One could press the fill
back a little with one's hand. After two days
of curing, there was no doubt; this was a
masonry wall.

It felt solid, yet a slap on it it gave one the 
impression of lightness, different from 
slapping a brick or concrete wall.

Laura supplies Becky and Tazia with
'crete for the final few feet of fill.

Nate and Aaron square up the 

The materials pile has dwindled 

Tazia and Adena keep things tidied up.

The walls are up. The last fills are curing.

Lief removes some of the last forms.
The Community Center door is ready 
for re-hanging.

Far right: Our last act of the session is to
hang tarps over the outside walls to
keep rain off during the one-week 
curing time prior to stucco and plaster,
which will seal the walls inside and out.


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