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rocks the Lakota hempcrete, contd.


This is page 2 of pages 1 and 3 of photos of this phase of the project.

Lakota Hempcrete Project
May 15-17 2008 

The Hemphasis crew has taken
the siding off and put mesh up, then
temp-nailed the chipboard over the 
mesh on part of the building. 

Far right and below: The crew
delivers the first mixer load of 
Hemcrete® of the day.

Far right: John from American Limetec 
goes over form-making, filling and
tamping Hemcrete®.

The hempcrete crew of the moment...

Putting up more mesh, building more

Near right: Hemcrete® filling behind 
mesh, after curing overnight, and 
after the outside form has been

Near right: Steven (sweeping) came 
from Mississippi to join Hempcrete 

Far right: You can get an idea what 
hemp shive looks like right out of the 

You can see the patterns of the fills and
tamps. As we reached the tops of the 
walls, the stud headers made filling  the
forms more difficult, so the segments of
work became smaller.

The hempcrete surface looks uneven, 
but it is smooth. The seams between
segments are just less dense than the 
other areas. Remember, these walls
are a foot thick.

The plaster will render the seams invisible
and the wall perfectly smooth.

Far right: Close-up of partially cured 

Placing mesh over the last section of 
outside wall.

Far right: Kim and Tazia serve lunch.

Hempcrete Camp

Kiza Park is a very nice spot in
which to spend a few tenting

Meals in Hempcrete Camp were out-
rageous. This is six-nut bread baked
in the cob oven built by the Hemphasis
crew last summer (2007).

Far right: Tazia spoons up some Kiza
Park chokecherry jam, made by
Hemphasis staff from chokecherries
picked at the park in 2006.

Near right: Ampowin, Alex's niece.

Far: Amy bangs the bongo.

Near: Colleen, Adena, Tazia, Steven.

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More of the May 13-19, 2008, Lakota Hempcrete Camp.

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